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gothblinkies's Journal

Gothic Blinkies
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Hello and welcome to gothblinkies!

Anything that blinks is welcome here. Glitters, blinkies, blinkie icons, whatever you feel like.

I know that i've had trouble finding gothic styled blinkies or anything even dark. So i figured I'd go ahead and start up a community for that type stuff.

Feel free to share your blanks, open a freebie for something gothy, or ask for a goth pixel to be turned into a blinkie =) Looking for something special? Someone will probably be able to help.

Makers: Contact me if you are interested in opening freebies.

That said, Enjoy!


1: Make sure you post weather your blinkie blanks are Freeware or Shareware.
2: Post your example outside a cut. Then put everything else under the cut.
3: There will be a maintained photobucket with everything that gets posted here. I will try and Keep it up to date as much as possible.
4: DO NOT take other people’s examples and make blanks of them. Period.
5: Do not promote here.
6: Please share what you have!